BOSTON_The 2013 New England Book Festival has named “Salt Sugar Fat:
How The Food Giants Hooked Us”(Random House)
as the grand prize winner
of its annual competition honoring the best books of the winter.

Pultizer Prize-winning investigative reporter and author Michael Moss
shows how processed food contributes to an economic health crisis that
approaches $300 billion per year. The book is an eye-opening account of the $1 trillion
processed food industry’s efforts to create and market to an audience
in much the same way the tobacco industry covered up health concerns. Its
heavily researched look at an audience hooked on salt, sugar and fat will cause you to never look at a nutrition label the same way again.

Moss will be honored at a private awards ceremony on January 18 at the Omni
Parker House
in Boston as part of the New England Book Festival.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Seeds of Success – John Brubaker

RUNNER-UP: InvestorWiz! – S. Gazelle


  • Compass – William F. Brandt Jr.
  • What Color is Your Money? – Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi
  • The No-Drama Manager – Eldon N. Spady
  • Work Toward Reward! – Chia-li Chien


WINNER: Old Souls – Jonathan Womack

RUNNER-UP: Escape Clause – Jeffrey R. DeRego


  • The Bane of Yoto – Joshua viola with Nicholas Karpuk
  • The Dawn of Eve – Shaun Penney
  • Among the Veils – Bret Alexander Sweet
  • Reader (Daughter of Time, Book 1) – Erec Stebbins
  • What Hides Within – Jason Parent
  • The Gray Ship – Russell Moran
  • Burnt Mountain One in the Chamber – Cheryl Campbell
  • Sgarrwrath, Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope – Sarah Kennedy
  • Untimed – Andy Gavin


WINNER: Unhooking the Moon – Gregory Hughes

RUNNER-UP: Lily Goes to School – Lily Hamilton & Barbara Myers/illustrated by
Brendan Sellaro


  • Donkeys are Special…and So Are You! – T.W. Krueger/illustrated by Lisa
  • Opera A to Z – Liddy Lindsay
  • The Pink Cat in the Window – Catherine Elio
  • All About Poop – Kate Hayes/illustrated by Brenna Vaughan
  • Dylan’s Day – Tim Hutchinson
  • OMG…Am I A Witch/ Talie Aikens-Nunez
  • The Little Apple – Deborah Smith Ford
  • Higgledy Piggledy – B. Seymour Rabinovitch
  • Young Marine Engineer’s Coloring Book – Peter Zimmerman
  • Mother Holle’s Fairy Tale – Miro Pokorny
  • Nubiana – Kristen Calenda/illustrated by Susan Shorter
  • Scooter & Cupcake – Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas
  • Burton’s Harvest Party – V.A. Boeholt
  • Winter and the Secret of Santa – Janelle Jeffrey
  • Hector – Angela Nickerson/illustrated by Robert Magnus
  • It All Starts With You – K.W. Wilson/illustrated by Josh Flanigan
  • A Squirrel’s Story – Jana Bommersbach/illustrated by Jeff Yesh
  • Otto and the Grand Prix Bees – Kip Noschese
  • Where is Chick-a-Bock 3? – Jennifer C. Brisson/Rosemarie Gillen
  • Emily’s Magical Bike – Amy Sprague/illustrations by Dwain Esper


WINNER: Sugar Salt Fat – Michael Moss

RUNNER-UP: Song Without Words – Gerald Shea


  • Kissing Oscar Wilde – Jade Sylvan
  • The Great Penguin Rescue – Dyan deNapoli
  • Harry Stump – Maine’s Psychic Sculptor – Lloyd Ferriss
  • Kings of the Road – Cameron Stratcher
  • Shaping Humanity – John Gurche
  • Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples – Lucianne Lavin
  • The Cracker Jack Collection – Tom and Ellen Zappala, et. al
  • Arcadian America – Aaron Sachs
  • Sarah Osborn’s World – Catherine A. Brekus
  • The Climate Casino – William Nordhaus
  • Giraffe Reflections – Dale Peterson
  • Little Joe’s Christmas – James E. Conroy
  • Berta and Elmer Hader: A Lifetime of Art – Joy Hoerner Rich, et. al
  • The Growth of Truth – Debbie Raymond-Pinet/Bonnie Meroth
  • The Quest for Flight – Craig s. Harwood/Gary B. Fogel
  • Red Flags for Primary Teachers – Katie Johnson
  • The Other Medicine That Really Works! – Heidi Dupree
  • The Quiet Triumph of the Heart – Deborah Eve Freedman
  • Return to Order – John Horvat II
  • Finding My Voice with Aphasia – Carol M. Maloney
  • 17 Cents and a Dream – Daniel Milstein


WINNER: The Rest of Us – Jessica Lott

RUNNER-UP: Midnight Rumba – Eduardo Santiago


  • Loss of Innocence – Richard North Patterson
  • Moon River – Laurens van Veen
  • Alex – Pierre Lemaitre
  • Living Well is the Best Revenge – Jake Aurelian
  • Saving Faith – Patrick M. Garry
  • Bessie’s Pillow – Linda Bress Silbert
  • Beyond the Bridge – Tom McDonald
  • Reese’s Leap – Darcy Scott
  • Deadly Diamonds – John F. Dobbyn
  • Beyond – Popham Colony – R. deVillers Seymour

  • Canine Confessions – Bernadette Griffin
  • Love, Greed and Lie$ – D.W. Harper
  • The Magdalene Mystery – Christine Sunderland
  • A Melody of Tears – Anas A. Ismael
  • When the Lotus Blooms – Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar
  • It Burns a Lovely Light – Penny McCann Pennington
  • The Man with the Easel of Horn – Norman Beaupre
  • Flower of Heaven – Julien Ayotte
  • Promise to Pay the Borrower – Page Martin
  • Dragon Bones – D.A. Winstead
  • Blood Club – Walt Schnabel
  • Journey from San Rocco – Rosalind A. Cuschera


WINNER: The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Grace – Alicia Young

RUNNER-UP: Excuse Me, Can You Repeat That? – Cathryn Cushner Edelstein


  • 11 Ways to Let Go of Painful Relationships – Gay Fry
  • DUI: The Next Day – Melanie Beauchamp
  • Anger is Okay Violence is Not – Julie K. Federico
  • Disaster Handbook – Robert Brown Butler
  • The Case of the Unwanted Pounds – Fred A. Stutman
  • You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore – Cindy Sellers
  • Breadcrumbs for Beginners – Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg


WINNER: George Washington: Gentleman Warrior – Stephen Brumwell

RUNNER-UP: Francona: The Red Sox Years – Terry Francona and Dan Shaughnessy


  • Trust But Verify: Reagan, Russia and Me – Suzanne Massey
  • Pink Triangle – Darwi n Porter with Danforth Prince
  • Totally Unofficial: The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin – Raphael Lemkin
  • Eslanda: The Large and Unconventional Life of Mrs. Paul Robeson –
    Barbara Ransby
  • Tears for my City – Dean Dimitrieski
  • Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science – Christoph Irmscher
  • Berta and Elmer Hader: A Lifetime of Art – Joy Hoerner Rich, et. al
  • Hiding in Water: A Memoir Based Mostly in Reality – Katherine Lippa
  • Saving Sight – Dr. Andrew Lam
  • Through a Man’s Window – Duncan T. Johnson
  • Above All Else – Nancy D. Butler
  • Counting the Days – Leslie Rutkin
  • As We Walk Through the Valley – Amy Conner


WINNER: The Future of Nature – edited by Libby Robin/Sverker Sorlin/Paul Warde

RUNNER-UP: Essays: A Fully Annotated Edition – Henry D, Thoreau/edited by
Jeffrey S, Cramer


  • The Letters of C. Vann Woodward – edited by Michael O’Brien
  • Breadcrumbs for Beginners – Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg
  • New Spun Yarns From Across the Big Divide – Richard Bird Baker
  • The Sentimentality of the Valley of Tea – V.S. Kalah


WINNER: A Lifetime of Vermont People – Peter Miller

RUNNER-UP: Living Shells – Charles E. Rawlings


  • Mexico and American Modernism – Ellen G. Landau
  • Van Gogh Repetitions – Eliza Rathbone, et. al.
  • Rye in Focus – Bob McGrath
  • The Language of Energy in Art – Charlotte Wharton


WINNER: Rosi’s Castle – Edward Eaton

RUNNER-UP: The Portsmouth Alarm – Terri A. DeMitchell


  • Downtown Cowboy – Jean Blasiar
  • Feathered – Tom Weston
  • The Language Inside – Holly Thompson
  • Katherine Elizabeth, Full of Grace – Laurel Ericson
  • Hold On There, Sadie Coggins! – Susan Wuorinen/Carol Korty
  • Vern & Me – H. Coval Conant
  • Downwind from Pemaquid – Sarah Jane Woolf-Wade
  • The Devil’s Elbow – Ed Londergan
  • Willie Kettle & The Sea Witch – V.M. Catanio
  • Montooth 3 – Red Cross of Gold – Robert Jay
  • Charlie Dill The Cornerstone Treasure – Greg Glaser
  • Playing Tyler – T.L. Costa


WINNER: Winter’s A Coming Still – Dr. Neal Hall

RUNNER-UP: Hector and Achilles – Edward Eaton


  • Crazy Lesbo Poetry – Samm Harper Panos
  • Reaching for Quiet – Roland Labrie
  • Her House and Other Poems – Donna Marie Merritt
  • The beauty of the city in the last hour of the night – Alexander Forbes
  • One Life Many Lives – Piero Rivolta
  • Finding Salvation – WMG II
  • Falling Home – Gary Turchin
  • Box of Blue Horses – Lisa Graley
  • Mirror Staged – Casey Hayes
  • Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps – Aaron Levy Samuels
  • Barn Sour – Kathleen M. McCann
  • Some Far Country – Partridge Boswell
  • Redemption Road Salvation Street – Carlyne A. Turner
  • From Pink Bows to Red Stilettos – Xia Devore


Truth be Told: Adam Becomes Audrey – Alexandra Bogdanovic

RUNNER-UP: First Floor Room 16 – Maximo Kovak


WINNER: Twelve Months – Steven Manchester

RUNNER-UP: A Faith Brief – Patrick M. Garry


  • Destination Oneness – Paul Spremulli
  • Transplanted to Better Health – Carole J. Fair
  • Faith Beyond Belief – Margaret Placentra Johnston
  • Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual – Carroll Blair
  • But By The Chance of War – Richard C. Lyons
  • Healing Your Life With Water – Diana Ruiz
  • Faith, Favorites, Fun, and Fotos of Cape Cod – Shirley Pieters Vogel
  • My Extraordinary Life – Monica Sucha Vickers


WINNER: Ol’ Uncle Jesse & The Haunting Refrain – K. Patrick Malone

RUNNER-UP: A Dime in Time – Valerie Hart


WINNER: Black Bubblegum – William A. Gonzalez

RUNNER-UP: Women’s History for Beginners – Bonnie J. Morris, Ph.D


  • Opaque References to the Baltic Sea – Cyrus Kaine
  • Evolution of a Wine Drinker – Alicia Bien
  • Life in Five Seconds – Matteo Civaschi/Gianmarco Milesi
  • Maine Beyond the Usual = Marisue Pickering/John W. Pickering
  • Not One Thing – Carolyn Locke
  • Beat Your A-Fib – Steve S. Ryan, Ph.D
  • Some Parts Are Not For Sharing – Julie Federico
  • Peace by Piece – Sandra Palmer Fish


WINNER: Charley – Donna Marie Seim/illustrated by Susan Spellman

RUNNER-UP: Fire in a Small Town – Ken Bilderback/Kris Bilderback


  • Goodnight Brian – Steven Manchester
  • Wrong Place Wrong Time – Tilia Klebenov Jacobs
  • Elsbeth and the Pirate’s Adventure – J. Bean Palmer
  • Honorable (Purpose in Repose) – Kathryn Grant


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